Into "extreme" hiking in the fall?

Then welcome to the BONEYARD, the
Upstate's ultimate "Trail of Shear Terror".  Where Jason is anxiously
waiting to greet you at his cabin in the woods above Camp Crystal Lake.

Stroll through the "Graveyard" and listen to the screams of both the living
and the dead as you enter the Pitch Black Creamatorium and maze your way
through.  Window shop at the "Meat Market", where the Butcher chops and
grinds fingers, legs and arms. (Caution-Your feet may get a little sticky...)

Next check how scared you are while looking into our mirrors. Just be
careful as your soul may get lost. Descend into the screams of our
mine shaft while Michael Myers quietly waits for you on the other side.

Last but certainly not least see Leatherface and his band of walking dead,
while our reaper exits you into his bridge of doom.

This hike will be like nothing you have ever experienced....35 minutes of
intense, heart-racing, ear-piercing screams. Leatherface can be
persuasive...don't become a victim, he likes his friends to
"hang" around.

Before going home you may want to:
1) Check your backseat
2) Check your doorlocks, and
3) Check your friends underwear!

This is the trail you will have nightmares about all year !!!!!

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