The Bone Yard Trail of Terror


   The story of The Bone Yard started when it was moved back to Campobello in 2014. It was back to the moonshiners in darkcorner. You have to be careful not to run up on the hillbillys making their shine they can get real mean!!! They are not the only thing in the woods you have to worry about though. The moonshiners have kept many that have found them.....they have kept clowns, dolls, and a butcher to name a few. They are many of monsters in these woods. Now are you brave enough to walk through them????? 





  While you are here at The Bone Yard Trail of Terror we have a few rules that have to be followed so everyone has fun and is safe:

     * No open toes shoes

     * No weapons of any kind this includes            but not limited to knifes, guns, or 

        fireworks of anykind

     * No drinking or drugs allowed

     * No videos, pictures, or anything that

        omits light

     * DON'T act in an aggressive manner

        towards or hit anyone, of our staff or 

        other customers, if you do you will

        be made to leave the property

     * If strobe lights bother you then you 

        should not go through


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