About Us

What is "Strongman"?

Strongman (or woman) training is about true FUNCTIONAL fitness. It's about lifting objects that you might encounter in life, getting them from A to B - whether that is from the ground to overhead or from one end of the room to another. Strongman is about getting you strong to a degree that you never thought possible. In reality, the clue is in the name; It's STRONGMAN.

Training Atmosphere:

The Boneyard incorporates equipment that focuses on primal movements. Activities such as pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting and walking while carrying loads is in our DNA. We are not your typical cookie-cutter gym, instead we're more like a family of misfits where everybody is welcome. Providing equipment from ROGUE, ELITE FTS and TROY, The Boneyard has the necessary equipment to meet many of your Strongman needs.Real objects, real challenges, true grit.

Your Success is Our Goal:

We understand that adapting new fitness habits can be difficult. However, at The Boneyard, strongman-style lifting is open and accessible to all...even "The Lunks". It is easy to understand and easy to pick up. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle.And yes, we do flip truck tires.