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Chris B

I have nothing to say about this place other than good things. I personally train for a strong man and when I went into this gym today I wasn't too sure what to expect because that type of trainings are rarity here and so I wasn't sure if they would have the right setup. But when I went in they had everything and more that I can dream of wanting to use. It was like a kid going into a candy store. The owner was very personable and friendly the facility itself was clean and very well organized and you can tell the machines  and  equipment are all well taken care of. I'm definitely looking forward to working with these people and making this my personal gym for the foreseeable future so if you're looking for a good gym to get strength and conditioning I say come on down to the bone yard and check it out guarantee you will like it I'll definitely be here. 

Brian Riley 

5 Stars!

Radiant Detail Co. 

5 Stars! Excellent Facility and Attention to Detail.